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Its actually very good… no issues. I tried it as soon as it got here. Its small comes with a case. More so a bag if anything. Yes you can use your liquid albuterol. You can even put 2 viles in I put one in and had a lot of room left if I needed to use 2. Wish I got one of these sooner..


Reviewed on August 2, 2020


I have had my fair share of nebulizers and they have all been big bulky and loud… This one is ultra quiet small it’s ran by my cord or a cigarette lighter while I’m traveling I can carry my purse and I am so happy that I will never have an asthma attack that I cannot fix again!!!!!

Lisa Oedewaldt

Reviewed on August 19, 2019


Only used once very briefly to test but it worked as expected. Easy and light to hold, good mist and operation with a battery allows one to take and use anywhere.

Angela Baez

Reviewed on November 3, 2020


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