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A Proper Guide About Nebulization For Kids


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Nebulizers are a safe and great option for all the children who are experiencing breathing difficulty often. It’s is the indication that a child is weak inside and needs breathing assistance. As a parent, it must be hard for you to see your kid struggling to breathe. Still, nebulizers are designed not only for breathing purposes but also for eliminating cough and improving the condition.

You must have several questions in mind before deciding to use it for your child. Please read our blog thoroughly to get the answer to all your essential questions related to the nebulizer.


A Detailed Guidance About Child Nebulizer Machine

What is a Child Nebulizer Machine?

It’s an exhausting and back-breaking struggle to feed your kids medicine that they hate to consume. A child nebulizer machine converts liquid drug (mostly antibiotic) into the mist for the lungs to absorb immediately. Nebulizer converts breathing medicines to steam for quick inhalation or to assist a child in catching a breath. It helps in eliminating any inflammation in the child’s air passage or for the removal of cough.

There are several trusted brands available in the market, like Nidexs for the user-friendly process.


How Does a Child Nebulizer Work?

A nebulizer is driven by electricity, and a mouthpiece or a mask is often attached to it for inhaling the medicine. These machines are designed to provide relief in respiratory issues, and therapy works the best immediately in the affected area.

Add medicine along with normal saline in the small container and plug-in the machine. Make your child wear a mouthpiece or a mask. The device will start converting the medicine into vapors, and the child will start breathing. It takes around 10 minutes to complete the process. Keep distracting the child until the process is complete. Some kids may feel scared of the mask; you can decorate the mask with stickers or anything they like.


Are the Child Nebulizer Safe?

Nebulizers are safe to use until you use medicines prescribed by the doctor and in the measured quantity. Child Nebulizer machines similar to Nidexs are designed to solve the breathing issues and remove cough to make breathing easier. Use it timely as suggested by your doctor or when a child struggles hard to breathe due to an emergency issue. You can ask for assistance or advice from a doctor for more information.


Benefits of Child Nebulizers

☞Unlike adult nebulizer machines, child nebulizer machines are fun and funky in appearance, so they don’t have to deal with loud machine noises. Instead, there will be some favorite character, and lights are emitting from it.

☞They are small in size and have built-in safety features to make them user-friendly for a child to operate.

☞There are many portable child nebulizers in the market, like Nidexs for carrying around. Some of them are battery operated and can be used by connecting through a car socket.

☞Masks are designed according to the features of children, so no worries of adjustments at all.

☞They are available in different themes so, the child will be distracted throughout the treatment, and you don’t have to deal with another painful challenge.


Signs Your Child Needs a Nebulizer

☞Your child may need a nebulizer if they are showing several symptoms listed below.

☞Severe Coughing Rapid breathing after a small activity

☞Chest pain with difficulty in breathing



☞Breathing shortness without a reason

☞Swelling of the air passage

☞High allergic reactions

☞Breathing problems due to weather.


How to Use a Nebulizer on Child?

We are listing some of the catchy tips that will make it easier for you to use a nebulizer on the child.


How to Involve Them in a Process

☞If your child is above nine years, it will be easier to explain the process. First, for a child below this age, decorate the machine with stickers or paint a character over it to make it less scary for them.

☞During the treatment, a child may feel left out or scared due to the mask; it’s recommended that a whole family wear a mask to make a child feel protected and not alone.

☞Pour the medicine into a container and plug-in the device. Let a child wear a mask, or you can also use other accessories. Turn on the machine, and the child will start consuming medicine to remove any blockage in the air passage.

☞Let them know that the process will help them have a clear breath without difficulty, and you are right here with them.


Tips for Easier and Effective Nebulizer Treatment

After looking at the nebulizer machine for the first time, your child may feel anxious, but you can make it easy for them to process.

☞Read their favorite book to them to distract their mind for a while, and in the meanwhile, they can consume vapors in a better and relaxing way.

☞Promise them that if they do this whole process bravely, you will watch their favorite movie together, and they can watch television with you for 20 minutes before sleeping.

☞Name a Nidexs nebulizer machine and make them feel better about it. Tell them how this machine is responsible for improving health and how they can play after a while after breathing correctly.

☞It’s better to use a nebulizer in a sitting machine and make them sit on your lap for stability as it will also help them feel safe.


Has your Child Thought of Treatment as a Special Time?

Making the treatment time fun, mostly if a parent operates the nebulizer machine, a child will respond much quicker to a treatment. You can turn this particular time into a fun time. After the treatment, listen to them and what they feel about this whole treatment? Clear their mind and explain the entire process to them. Let your kid know why it’s beneficial to them and how important to look at the brighter side. The positivity will help your child in responding to treatment in a better way.


How Often Should a Nebulizer be Used?

If you are nebulizing a child for the first time, it must be a scary experience for you, but you will understand the importance of the whole process with time. Before deciding how often a child can use a nebulizer, consult your doctors and discuss all the scenarios that make the nebulizer necessary to use. It is considered to use about two times a day for acute respiratory issues, especially before sleeping.

If your child is asthmatic and catches allergies quickly, this process may require repeating more than two times. It requires your complete attention and supervision.


When Can the Child Stop Using Nebulizer?

Nebulizers are not made for constant use, and you can stop using the machine once your child’s condition is stable, and you can feel breathing is manageable. If you are already using a Nidexs nebulizer, it may deliver you a message through user-friendly features made for assistance only. Consult your doctor as well before stop you make a child from using a nebulizer completely. It’s suitable for kids because of medicine consumption, and it’s the easiest way to convince them to breathe the medicine in.


Side Effects of Nebulizer Machine

A nebulizer is a safety device for kids, especially when they are going through acute respiratory issues. A nebulizer is the only way to make medicine vapors reach your child’s respiratory system and clear the passage for easy breathing. There are some of the drawbacks your child may sometimes experience due to a low immune system.

☞Due to the medicine, sometimes your kid may feel nauseate and bitter mouth.

☞Children may complain about heartburn, dry mouth, or irritation in their throat.

☞Always ask for assistance when it comes to mixing medicine, in case you don’t know anything. The improper mixing of medication may result in bleeding from the nose.

☞Monitor the cleanliness and always keep the mask clean for the next session. The contaminated mask may harm your kid’s health.


Buy Extra Masks for the Whole Family to Wear

Kids always look up to their families to feel protected and safe. During the treatment, ensure that you are providing confidence to your child through actions. Buy extra masks for the whole family to wear and let your kid feel that everyone around them is having treatment. This will keep the anxiety level at the lowest, and they can respond better.


What’s the Cost of a Nebulizer for Children?

Children’s nebulizer machines are not so expensive, and it depends on the features as well. Companies like Philips, Nedixs, Rossmax are delivering cost-effective products in the market. You will be able to buy an appropriate nebulizer machine for a kid under the budget of 60$.


It’s natural to feel worried and anxious when your child is going through some severe health issues, but learning more about their behavior towards the treatment will make the process easy for you. Discuss all the possible scenarios with your doctor and let your child accept the treatment.

Nebulizer machines are designed to treat breathing issues without harming health. Clean the device correctly, and don’t overuse it without the consultation of a doctor. After using a nebulizer, you can witness the improvement in breathing, and it will be a relief for you.


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