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We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality medical nebulizers.

Nebulized drug absorption is a mature targeted drug absorption method. It has been studied and applied in developed countries in Europe and America due to its high efficiency, convenience and painlessness. It is also the preferred treatment recommended by WHO and GINA for respiratory diseases such as asthma and COPD. NIDEXS Medical has core technologies and multiple patents in key links such as micro-machine manufacturing of atomization devices and circuit board control. It is intended to be used in the prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases, infectious diseases, metabolic diseases, body surface diseases, and human vaccines. Leading the innovation of drug absorption methods, making painless and convenient drug absorption methods a well-known rehabilitation concept and preferred rehabilitation appeal for the general public.

Our Company

The company is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, which is the forefront of world advanced technology.
an outstanding place, and is on the adjacent road to Guangzhou International Medical Equipment City. The registered capital of the first phase is 10 million, and the production line of the manufacturing department plans to produce 2 million units/year. Sincerely welcome customers from all countries to visit and cooperate.

With its solid accumulation and innovative design in the research and development of the core technology of the atomization device, NIDEXS’s products have reached the world’s advanced level. And in the competition and the international pharmaceutical spoiler industry in joint development, it has repeatedly obtained conclusive verification: The power consumption of the whole machine is extremely low; the drug properties are not affected, the product is portable, and the particle size is controllable. It lays a technical foundation for the expansion of atomized drug delivery for multiple diseases, adds a weapon for self-recovery of patients, and eliminates veins for special populations such as young and old, Intramuscular injection pain brings good news.

Pursue self-improvement with the attitude of “better to best”.
NIDEXS people expect the team’s diligence to contribute to the cause of human health. We believe that excellent companies come from excellent teams and employees. We always regard the establishment of a fair incentive mechanism for all employees and the creation of a nourishing personal growth culture as the top priority of NIDEXS’s business. We always regard running the enterprise and self-realization as Life experience and the mission of the times are pursued. In this environment, NIDEXS people must not only obtain a bumper harvest in material but also get spiritual sublimation. To this end, INDEXS must create a first-class enterprise, produce first-class products, and even create first-class citizens.

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