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Analysis And Improvement Of Hand-Held Medical Nebulizer


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A nebulizer is an essential device to have for patients who are going through severe breathing conditions. By using a Nidexs nebulizer, the condition can be treated immediately. The medicine will penetrate the respiratory system, and breathing becomes simple.  To get you a clear picture, we are providing an analysis of a small nebulizer. They can improve the condition effectively without creating complications for a patient.

Common hand-held medical nebulizer

Portable nebulizers are easy to use and small enough to carry around. It helps in preventing respiratory issues by penetrating medicines into the lungs. Most of them are portable to hold and suitable for instant treatment anywhere. There is no need to search for an electrical outlet to operate because portable nebulizers also run on batteries. Nebulizers cure breathing symptoms better than an inhaler and can add moisture to the system. It’s easy to use and made for the convenience of a user.

Limitations of Portable nebulizers in use

Every piece of equipment has few limitations to make it work efficiently. Here we have come up with a guide to tell you about some of the limitations of hand-held nebulizers.

Mismatched Mask Size

The size of the mask depends on the need of a patient who is using a nebulizer. If the size is not appropriate, it will not be possible for a patient to inhale medicine into the respiratory system. While using a nebulizer, ensure that you are not sharing a mask with anyone else as it makes your piece contaminated. Infections can make the case worse, and if your machine doesn’t have a mouthpiece of your size, buy the one that must be fit and comfortable to complete the treatment. Mismatched mask size may also irritate the skin that may lead to anxiety. Before starting the device for a breathing treatment, ensure you have the right mask to move further.

The air inlet of the mask is small, resulting in the recirculation of carbon dioxide

Due to the inappropriate structure and malfunctioning of hand-held nebulizers, a user may experience side effects. The air inlet of the mask should be spacious to let carbon dioxide move from the system. Because of the re-breathing of CO2, a patient may feel dizziness, headache, weakness, and drowsiness.  The technical specifications and fittings should be on point to make the nebulizer functional for treatment. It is the common concern of owning a nebulizer when you want to control the CO2 inhalation. Re-breathing of carbon dioxide is dangerous for a patient who is already going through severe issues and can’t bear mixing. Portable nebulizers may require little improvement, or you can use a customized air inlet to make treatment suitable.

Loss of atomized medicine

When we pour the medicine into the nebulizer and turn on the button, it converts the liquid into a mist or small atoms. In this form, it’s easy for a user to inhale maximum medicine into a respiratory tract, and reduce the symptoms. A nebulizer should be checked routinely to inspect cracks and leaks. Due to the leakage, the atomized liquid will not reach the user, and it will be a loss. Discard the one which is not working well or near the expiration date. A loss of medicine is a loss for a patient gasping for air and needs immediate treatment.  If you have already poured the drug into the cup when it’s leaked or damaged, keep it in small quantities to avoid spilling. A leaked cup will also make a place for fungus and bacteria.

Inconvenient cleaning

To make Nidexs hand-held nebulizer work, it’s crucial to clean and disinfect it after use. This device is a way of treating breathing disorders in no time. If cleaning is not appropriate, then it will be a source of infection. Some of the nebulizers are not easy to deal with, and it’s inconvenient cleaning make user annoy. To clean the equipment, 70% ethanol is suitable to disinfect it for the next use. A user can clean the mask by pouring it in hot water and add some detergent. After few minutes, it will be cleaned from any germs and infections. An inconvenient cleaning problem may arise in the nebulizer, so it’s advisable to choose a user-friendly model.

Atomized particles are not adjustable

Depends on the condition, the atomized particles can be adjusted, and it also depends on the capacity of a device. The particle size should be between 1 to 5 microns for effective treatment. A particle less than 1 micron will not enter into the system to react further. The type of nebulizer also affects the settings and conversion of atoms. You may experience an issue in the adjustability of atomized particles while using a hand-held nebulizer. For the severe conditions, a user may feel uncomfortable, or they have to check the settings before buying.

Using too long will cause sore hands

Nebulizers take about 10-15 minutes to treat the patient in severe condition, and sometimes due to limitations, the patient may feel sore hands. Every treatment shows different side effects, and the patient has to deal with it by reducing the dose or changing the device. Nebulizer leaves a different impact on every patient, and sore hands are the common ones. Once the symptoms start reducing, one has to quit the nebulizer daily or move to the light dose and feel the difference.

Improvement direction

To make treatment effective, it’s essential to improve the direction by focusing on some functions. Nebulizer therapy can bring a massive change in breathing conditions, and eventually, it will be eliminated. Let’s get into the details of this section and how the nebulizer device can be improved.

Set up an adjustable size mask

Before setting up a nebulizer for the breathing treatment, it’s crucial to choose an adjustable size mask to inhale medication properly. Without a durable and high-quality mask, it’s not possible to utilize the treatment. The mask should not be damaged or leaked from anywhere to make medication mist promising. Nebulizers are delivering the medicine right into the respiratory system of the patient if the breathing mask is suitable and fit on the face. The patient must feel comfortable during the treatment, and medicine must penetrate completely.

The mask air inlet can be customized

To make nebulization therapy quick and comfortable, customizable mask air inlets are available in the market. Some patients are not comfortable with the masks available in a kit; in this case, customization is the only option to complete the treatment. The mask air inlet can be changed according to the performance or requirement of a therapy. For the patients who often go through severe breathing fits, they should always keep customized mask air inlet to make the treatment effective in difficult situations.

Improve the structure of the atomization part to reduce the loss of atomized drugs

To increase the efficiency, and performance of a Nidexs nebulizer, it’s advisable to go for a liquid process. To treat the patient in crucial circumstances liquid atomization is the most effective way to let medicine enter into a respiratory system without losing it. In this way, the patient will not get uncomfortable during the process.  This method also reduces the power consumption of a device to work for the long-term with durability. Liquid atomization improves the success rate and also saves your medicine from getting wasted.

The liquid medicine release part is set to be removable for cleaning

To clean the device or any part of the equipment it’s advisable to go through the manufacturer’s instructions. It’s essential to understand every area of your machine before dismantling it for cleaning. Once you understand all the parts of the nebulizer, you can remove the liquid release part and clean it after use. Before pouring medicine into the container, separate every part and disinfect it. It will keep the mask and release the part from catching infections and other bacteria. The cleaning process will make your treatment effective and quick.

Improve the adjustable atomization sheet, so that the atomized particle size can be adjusted

Nidexs nebulizers are responsible for curing breathing problems or for improving the condition. Sometimes hand-held nebulizers require adjustability to improve the particle for medicine penetration. A user has to adjust the atomization sheet or take help from a professional nurse to learn the process. The change in atomization will not only improve the treatment but also increases the performance of a device. Adjust the particle to inhale maximum medicine as much as possible.


A nebulizer system is crucial, and the necessary equipment to own, especially when you have a patient at home who has breathing problems. Sometimes it may not be possible to move to the hospital for immediate treatment; in this case, a portable nebulizer should always be in the home. This device is suitable for traveling as well to provide instant relief in breathing issues. One should understand the mixing of medicine before treating a patient. Handheld nebulizers are easy to handle due to their small size and quick functionality.


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