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Breathing Treatment Guidance For Asthmatic Patients


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Some people experience breathing problems due to cold, asthma, high allergies, sinusitis, and other factors. It’s a common difficulty if you are experiencing it once in a year or six months, but if you are struggling to breathe every day, your body is asking for a nebulizer for treatment. This problem may get mild to severe if you do not seek immediate treatment to make your breathing calm.

There is nothing to be worried about because shortness of breath can be treated at home without panicking. Nebulizers work by converting the liquid dose into vapors for rapid penetration of medicine into the lungs to clear the air passage. Nidexs nebulizers are suitable for infants who can’t intake medicine or for people who need immediate treatment by consuming a high dose.

Let’s get into the complete details of its working, types, and treatment process.


What Are Breathing Treatments?

Breathing treatment is recommended for patients going through wheezing, asthma, cold, and other breathing disorders. The whole procedure involves converting medicine into vapors to eliminate cough and other obstacles from air passage. By seeking consistent breathing treatments, the condition can be improved with time and relieve inflammation.

Another breathing treatment is through an inhaler, which is suitable for mild breathing problems. Inhalers are cheap compared to nebulizers and easy to carry anywhere. It’s convenient when a patient needs a small dose to maintain the breathing pace.


Breathing Treatments for Asthma

Several breathing treatments apply to a patient after diagnosing the condition. Here are some of the breathing treatments for asthma patients.


Inhalers are the primary source of treatment for asthmatic patients to reduce inflammation of the windpipe. It can be utilized anytime, and it’s easy to use for anyone.


Nebulizers are an essential source of treating patients by combining different medicines in a container of the device. Later it transforms it into the mist and reaches the desired area in the body through the mask. These are usually portable and easy to carry but may require assistance for drug mixing.


Medications are used to treat asthma that is only symptomatic and doesn’t require immediate medical treatment. Medications are used to stop the disease and maintain a patient’s breathing status without triggering the current condition.


Breathing treatments for COPD

Chronic obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) makes airways narrow as a result, a person experience wheezing, breathing difficulty, and coughing. It exerts a negative influence on regular activities, due to which consistent treatment is needed. Following are some of the standard treatments for COPD.

Oxygen Therapy:

Oxygen therapy is required for patients who are unable to perform any activity due to low oxygen. The attached oxygen cylinder can regularly breathe by using a mask while doing any activity that requires energy and effort.

Long-Acting Bronchodilators:

Long-acting bronchodilators can be consumed with an inhaler daily to prevent the advancement of symptoms. This treatment lasts for 12-14 hours and requires consistent use to see the visible results.

Short-Acting Bronchodilators:

Short-Acting Bronchodilators are suitable to consume before performing any activity or to relax the air passage. These are consumed with an inhaler, and this treatment lasts about 4-6 hours. It makes breathing easy and prevents aggressive symptoms.


Breathing Treatments for Pneumonia

Pneumonia treatments vary from patient to patient and how urgent medical assistance is required. The aim to provide immediate treatment is to cure the infection and to clear the air passage. Following are some of the treatments suitable for pneumonia patients.

Oral Medicines

To treat pneumonia, doctors usually advise patients to consume medicines to eliminate respiratory tract infections. Antibiotics or anti-fungal medication cure pneumonia in 2 weeks.

Nebulizer Treatment

Different brands of nebulizer machines can be used for the treatment of Pneumonia like Nidexs. To provide immediate clearance of passage, medicines penetrate the respiratory system through a nebulizer and cure the infection by removing breathing complications.

Mucus Sucking

In some cases, the patient requires immediate medical assistance to remove mucus out of the lungs to relieve breathing. Doctors prescribed a tablet to ingest to cough out the mucus, and for some patients, machines are used to suck the mucus out.


Why Are Breathing Treatments Used?

When a patient is gasping for the air, it’s quite painful for the family and a person. To provide immediate relief to the person and make breathing easy, treatments are applied to a person. By delivering the right medicine to the lungs, symptoms can be stopped for the time being, and air passage will be cleared from congestion.


What Are The Risks Of Breathing Treatments?

There are no severe side effects of breathing treatments, but a person may get the risk due to drug dose and a weak immune system in a few cases. Nebulizers, inhalers, and medicines are made for clearing air passage from cough, but some medical treatments always have adverse effects. Here are some of the issues you may experience.

⫸The dryness and itchy throat is the common issue due to medicinal reaction inside the body.

⫸A patient may experience a lack of taste or bitter mouth. Due to inhalation of heavy dose, taste buds may get numb for a while and reject the taste sense.

⫸Trembling is also one of the common risks you may get expose to after having a breathing treatment. Nebulizers by Nidexs are used to treat such infections faster but with the right amount of dose mixing.

⫸Other side effects a person may experience after going through severe breathing include vomiting, lightheadedness, anxiety, palpitations, nasal congestion, lack of sleep, and diarrhea. These symptoms are common in people who are above 75 and have less resistance power towards the infection.


How Do I Prepare For My Breathing Treatments?

If you feel anxious because it’s time to undergo treatment, then be clear and precise about a few things.

⫸ Nebulizers and inhalers are designed for life-saving purposes. If a patient is continuously gasping for air, and it’s not possible to intake oxygen independently, then the nebulizer clears the path for oxygen to follow.

⫸ When having breathing treatment, don’t lay down as it will not be possible to inhale medicine properly. Be in a sitting position and let the medication do the rest of the treatment.

⫸ Before using a mask or mouthpiece to inhale the medicine, ensure that the mask is clean to wear. The unclean mask can weaken your immune system, and you will be more vulnerable to catching germs.

⫸ Connect the machine to the mask or mouthpiece and set the equipment. Once you are ready, turn on the device and get ready to inhale maximum vapors.

⫸ Breathe in and out slowly and inhale the medicine until the whole process is over. In the end, the container will be empty, and the machine will start making a noise to alert the user about the ending.

The Role Nebulizers Play In Breathing Treatments?

There are several nebulizers by different brands available in the market, and you can choose any of them according to the requirement and budget. Like Nidexs, nebulizers are affordable to everyone and easy to operate. Nebulizers are designed to provide effective treatment to a user in a crucial situation without causing any more pain. Most of the time, nebulizer treatment can be given at home by pouring the medicine into the container.

Nebulizer plays a significant role in breathing treatment by delivering medicine right into the respiratory system for passage clearance, and it also prevents congestion again. This device is widely used all over the world to reduce breathing issues with time.


How to choose a nebulizer for breathing treatments?

There are a few factors you need to consider before making a nebulizer buying decision.

⫸ Some of the patients may feel disturbed due to the nebulizer’s loud sound. Choose the one with quiet motor or no sound to maintain the patient’s calmness.

⫸ Nebulization rate is an important feature to consider while buying. Choose a product with a higher rate to deliver maximum vapors for congestion clearance in a minute.

⫸ To use the nebulizer anywhere, ensure it’s portable enough to travel with for emergency purposes as well as it should be battery operated as well to assist while there’s no socket around.

⫸ At the time of choosing the nebulizer, check for what treatments the device is compatible with. Some of them support the upper respiratory tract, while some are suitable for the lower.

⫸ It must be user-friendly in operation so anyone in the family can use it without getting confused in several buttons.



From Philips to Nidexs, all the brands always try to deliver the best nebulizers and inhalers in the market for life-saving purpose. Nebulizers are considered quick and easy ways to clear the congestion and for oxygen penetration purposes. When a patient cannot ingest medicine orally, nebulizers convert them into the mist and reach the infected area.

Using this device has been noted that symptoms get relieved, and a person felt visible improvement in breathing issues. Use nebulizer consistently as advised by your consultant and enjoy a healthy life.


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