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How nebulizers clear your lungs?


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What is a nebulizer?

A nebulizer is a small machine specifically designed to change the medicine into mist or liquefy it and transfer it to your airways so that you can inhale it to treat some respiratory issues.

There are hundreds of different brands out there in the market that provide you with a great variety of nebulizers. The modern nebulizers which are coming to use at home are mostly small and portable design. You can keep them on a table to use accurately. These home nebulizers are relatively large, and you will need a power supply to run them.

Other than these, you will get across the portable models of nebulizers, which are small to carry along while traveling as well. These portable nebulizers are battery operated. Also, you have an option to go for rechargeable battery-operated nebulizers. With those, you don’t have to buy the batteries again and again. You have full opportunity to carry those small nebulizers in a bag or a briefcase.

If you want to get a nebulizer for yourself, you may go and check the series of Nidexs. Also, you have an opportunity to get treatment in your doctor’s cabin. Home tabletop nebulizers are usually high in cost, while the portable ones may cost you few money.

Commonly available types of Nebulizers

You will come across three main types of nebulizers. Here we will tell you in detail about each of them.

Jet nebulizers

In this type of nebulizer, compressed gad is used as fuel, which converts the medicine into tiny particles called aerosol.

Ultrasonic nebulizers

These nebulizers utilize high-frequency vibration to convert the medication into small particles. These particles are relatively more extensive than those of jet nebulizers.

Mesh nebulizers

In this type of nebulizer, a unique mesh is present from which medicine passes and converted into an aerosol. That is the most expensive type of nebulizer because of the smallest particles produced by it.

These types of nebulizers can work with both a face mask and mouthpiece. You will have to consult a doctor to get one of them.

A mask is mostly recommended for children, and a comfortable mouthpiece is better for adults.

What Might be the reasons for using a Nebulizer?

Nebulizers are most commonly used for children as they are prone to catching a cold and cough. Also, some children may have asthma since birth.

Another reason for using a nebulizer is that some people are allergic to asthma inhalers, so they use their medicine with a nebulizer. So collectively, it is the most effective wreck for asthma patients no matter children or adults.

You can use a nebulizer for inhaling some medicine to treat cough or throat irritation.

Most commonly, it is primarily used to treat breathing issues. Plus, if you are having flu or some allergic reaction getting a medicated steam will give you relief for a great time.

Here is a variety of nebulizing medicines that you may use:

For treating inflammation of airways, you will use corticosteroids like flunisolide, triamcinolone, and budesonide, etc.

If you are suffering from allergic conditions, then you will go for bronchodilators. They are quite useful to open your air passageways. Some common bronchodilators are salmeterol and formoterol.

How to use a nebulizer accurately?

First of all, check all of the necessary parts of the nebulizer that they are clean and working correctly or not.  Gather the following supplies that we have mentioned.

  • Nebulizer compressor
  • Medicine cup of the nebulizer
  • Mask and a mouthpiece whatever you want to use
  • Medicines depending on the type of disorder you want to treat.
  • Clean and dried nebulizer tubing that is not having any hole

After gathering all of the parts, the next step is to start the treatment. Here we have mentioned all of the steps that you have to follow:

  • Firstly, place the compressor of your nebulizer on a flat and sturdy table or a shelf. Make sure that you have a continuous electricity supply near the shelf.
  • You need an adapter to connect USB to charge the
  • Don’t forget to wash and sanitize your hand hands to get rid of germs.
  • Please don’t touch the compressor with wet hands; dry them thoroughly before starting the procedure.
  • The next step is to pour the medicine into the nebulizer cup. Perform this action quite precisely. Measure the amount of medicine using dosage cups, and don’t reuse the measuring cups repeatedly.
  • Assemble the nebulizer’s remaining equipment like piping and the mouthpiece or mask.
  • Connect the tube and the aerosol compressor using a t-type connector.
  • Turn the compressor on and keep an eye for some time that it is producing proper mist or not.
  • Sit on a comfortable chair that will keep your chest and back upright.
  • If you are using the nebulizer for children, make them sit on your lap.
  • If you are using a mask, make sure you have placed it full accurately and there is no air leakage.
  • Place the mouthpiece between your lips and close your lips tightly.
  • Take slow and deeper breaths. Try to hold your breaths for some time to make your treatment more effective and help in fast recovery.
  • Don’t stop doing so until the medication is gone completely. That will be notified if the sputtering sound coming from the cup stops; this means the medicine is over.
  • If you feel any dizziness or nauseous, turn off the compressor for some time and take 4 to 5 minutes rest.

How are nebulizers effective to give you relief from cough?

If you cough for a longer time, nothing will be much more effective than using a nebulizer treatment. A nebulizer from a trusted manufacturer will be the most effective one. You can go to Nidexs nebulizers.

But first of all, make sure that you do not have some severe disorder behind this cough, and it is the simple cold that caught a cough.

What is coughing?

Let us clear that coughing itself is not a disease; it is a symptom that is notifying you that there is something wrong with your lungs or air passageways.

If some throat irritant or allergen is stuck in your air passageways, that may also cause severe cough.

Here are some of the conditions that may cause chronic to acute cough.

  • Pollen or dust allergies
  • Chronic asthma
  • Sinusitis acute or mild
  • Nasal drip
  • Constant exposure to smoke
  • The common cold or flu
  • Irritation in lungs or alveoli
  • COPD
  • Acid reflux may also be the cause
  • Pneumonia is the prime cause
  • Bronchiolitis in very young children
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Lung disease
  • Heart diseases may also cause cough

What is the role of the nebulizer?

The nebulizer will make sure to provide your lungs with the required medication in as little time as possible. An inhaler is also used to treat breathing disorders, but a nebulizer is the most effective medium overall.

Some people also find it challenging to use inhalers and are allergic to them, which may cause the condition even more miserable. These are ideal for children because you only have to put a mask on and work with your natural breathing.

We will also recommend you to make sure that you are using the proper medication amount for your patient and not overdoing it.

If you will use all of the parts accurately and keep all of the points upright, the treatment will be much more effective and faster to open up your air passageways.

People ranging from asthma to COPD can go for nebulization to get relief from a nebulizer treatment. It is the most cost-effective and more comfortable treatment ever. Once the treatment is done accurately, you will provide long-term relief from the breathing irritation or cough. But keep in mind that nebulization is not the proper treatment for the underlying cause of cough.

If you have recurrent cough attacks, go and consult a doctor for proper treatment.

How to use a nebulizer for clearing the lungs and air passageways?

To treat air passageways like irritation or lungs, you will need a good and fully functional nebulizer with clean and sterile parts. Also, make an upright socket available for your nebulizer’s power supply.

Other than this, you will need proper medicine depending upon the type of disorder you are having with your lungs or air passageways. Here are some liquid medications that are commonly used to clear lung infections:

Albuterol, formoterol, saline solution, budesonide and ipratropium etc.

If you are having flares up of asthma or getting allergic from some random allergen, you can rush for nebulizer treatment to be perfectly fine and effective to treat your condition.

Also, after catching a cold in a cold-weather, you may get an irritated throat. In this condition, a nebulizer can be perfect for treating your nose obstruction of chest blockage.

Suppose you have mucus in your air passageways or lungs. Getting nebulized will help to resolve that blocked mucus and help you to breathe easily.

If you have some viral infection, getting an adequately medicated nebulization will quickly help you fight that virus.

Make sure that your nebulizer is producing the mist accurately and is giving up the medicine. If your nebulizer is working efficiently, it will give off a fluttering sound.

Breathe in and out like you usually do. Continue this procedure for almost 20 minutes; after that, you will feel better for sure.

If your throat is most affected and you are getting recurrent cough attacks, go for the nebulization more than once.

How to Use Nebulizer with Kids?

When you nebulize your child, keep talking to him to keep his mind diverted from the treatment. Tell him how to handle the mask politely.

  • Plan some storytelling or talk about something exciting with your child. Also, inform him about the benefits of nebulizing.
  • Show him some cartoon or interesting videos while he is sitting on your lap.
  • Indulge him in activities like coloring, painting, or sticker pasting.
  • Tell your child to take deep breaths.
  • Tell him to old breaths for as much time as possible to settle that medication in air passageways.
  • Make your child sit comfortably and fully upright.
  • If you are nebulizing your small baby, use a mask that fits his small face, and make sure that medicine is accurate.

Some side effects of nebulization:

Like any other treatment, nebulization and benefits give rise to some of the side effects.  Due to this reason, nebulization can never be overdone. Here are some of the side effects caused by excessive nebulization.

  • A recurrent feeling of Nausea
  • A dry mouth with irritation in the throat
  • You may feel an unpleasant taste.
  • Stomach pain is also noticed in some people.
  • If the medicine does not provide an adequate amount, an overdose may occur.
  • Improper medicine can be dangerous.
  • If you are not using a sterilized mask and mouthpiece, you may get infected.
  • Small children may feel dizzy if nebulized for more extended periods.
  • Also, some allergic people may get skin rashes and chest pain, as well.

No matter the stage of irritation or disease, a nebulizer promises to provide you with full relief for a more extended period if used correctly. But keep in mind that the medicine you are using is prescribed by your doctor and used an inadequate amount.


In our concluding words, we would shortly like to say that if you are an asthma patient or get allergic to any of the allergens frequently, then a nebulizer must go option for you. It will help you to reduce the symptoms of your throat and lung irritation to a great extent. It is the most simple, easy to handle, and cost-effective treatment to unblock your passageways.

However, this can only be effective for you if you use it while following all of the necessary instructions and taking all the preventive measures related to a nebulizer.

We hope that we remained successful in helping you out in knowing the importance and usage of nebulizers for lung patients.



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