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How to clean your nebulizer?


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Like every other appliance, nebulizers are also coming up with significant modernizations. These are no more like an old and clunky machine; instead are small and easier to use than before. Not only this, they provided excellent cure and quicker treatment. But still, after so much modernization yet because of human error, these modern nebulizers may lag in some aspects. And the most important and serious issue that may make your nebulizer ineffective is improper or inadequate maintenance of your nebulizer.

If you are not cleaning your nebulizer’s parts daily after every usage, it may also be defective for your health. As we are well familiar with, bacterial growth is widespread on appliances in continuous contact with watery substances. And if bacteria continue to grow in the tube of your nebulizer, it may cause clogging in your nebulizer and also will cause a severe infection.

Here we came up with a good guideline for maintaining your nebulizer and keeping it in top condition. All you have to do is to follow some of the mentioned easy steps, and you are all done.

But the most crucial step is to have proper knowledge about the parts of your nebulizer. Let us tell you about all of the parts and their functions in detail. This will allow you to handle your nebulizer more accurately. Also, we will notify you of how to clean each piece separately.

Maintenance, cleaning, and sterilization of nebulizer parts

As Nidexs manufacturer has mentioned in detail about every cleaning method of all the parts separately. We will recommend you to read the user’s guide, in fact at first.

Clean the cup of your nebulizer thoroughly to ensure that no liquid medicine is left behind in the cup. Also, try to sterile your device regularly. This will create more hygienic for you. And at least once a week, make sure you are sterilizing all the parts with full accuracy. Here are some tips that may help you to get effective results.

Follow these tips after each treatment using your nebulizer.

  • First of all, wash your hands thoroughly to stay safe from spreading infections.
  • Now disassemble the parts of the nebulizer.
  • Almost for a minute or a half-minute, rinse the mouthpiece of your nebulizer with Luke warm or warm water to remove germs.
  • Avoid washing the compressor of the nebulizer.
  • Make sure to dry every part separately using a clean towel before storing it. You can also go for air drying.

Proper sterilization of all the parts after one week

Following are the tips that you need to go for once a week:

  • For proper sterilization of your nebulizer parts, you will have to soak the parts except for the compressor and tube in the distilled white vinegar and hot water for almost one hour.
  • Avoid reusing the same solution again and again.
  • After one hour, rinse the parts and dry them thoroughly using a towel or use air drying.
  • Clean the connector (t-shaped) and the mouthpiece specifically.
  • Distilled water is most recommended to get accurate results.
  • After drying all the parts, reassemble the parts and check whether the nebulizer is working correctly or not.
  • Make sure that you are storing the tube and the nebulizer in an airtight bag.

Advantages of cleaning a nebulizer regularly

Regular cleaning of your nebulizer parts is equally important as getting the parts changed when getting old. Fresh and clean parts promise to provide you with fresh air and clean breathing. Thus, only a nebulizer with clean and germ-free parts can be useful for treating asthma and allergies.

  • Another reason for recommending proper and regular cleaning of nebulizer parts is to increase your machine’s life span. It will let the air pass easily without demanding enough work from the machine compressor. Here we have mentioned some of the essential methods of cleaning in this article to help you out.
  • There is a great threat of spreading infections from those appliances which are in touch with respiration and mouth. So, a clean and sterile mouthpiece will never compromise your health at all.
  • Follow all the instructions then your manufacturer has told you or mentioned in the user’s guide provided in the box to clean the nebulizer. It will keep your nebulizer upright.
  • Some diseases like asthma and bronchitis are widely spreader in the air and can easily be transmitted from the nose due to dirty nebulizers. So, having a clean nebulizer will reduce this threat to a great extent.
  • With a clean and hygienic nebulizer, your nebulizing treatment will be more effective and work fastly.

When did you need to change your nebulizer parts?

You have to keep an eagle eye on your filter of nebulizer and keep in mind the filter condition and schedule when to change it with a new one.

If the filter becomes too dirty or is not changed for a more extended period, it will decrease your nebulizer’s efficiency and be hazardous for your health. Also, getting polluted air inhaled may cause other respiratory issues. Here we have mentioned some essential points that will tell you about your nebulizer’s filter condition.

  • If you are noticing any discoloration of your nebulizer’s parts, quickly go for a new one.
  • Make sure to change the piping and mouthpiece once a month.
  • If you are using some low-quality parts, that will need to be changed quickly.
  • Some parts may also long for more than 5 to 6 months, but you have to spend a hefty amount on getting them.
  • Never use a dirty mouthpiece or mask or never try to reuse the older one. It will cause infections and can also impair your compressor.
  • If you are residing in an area where there is a lot of dust and smoke, change your nebulizer parts more frequently.
  • If you are using your nebulizer daily, then clean and change the front line parts more frequently.
  • Don’t use a damaged or squeezed piping, and never compromise your health and the quality of the air you are inhaling.
  • Keep at least one extra mask if one gets dirty or use that in case of emergency.

Safe storage of your nebulizer

If you want to stay safe and healthy, then you have to keep your medical tools sterilized and store them in a safer place.

Only in this case, your treatments for respiratory disorders will remain effective and successful. Here we will tell you some essential tips that you need to follow to get accurate results in your nebulizer maintenance regards. Only in this case, your nebulizer will provide you with precise treatment.

  • Always keep and store your nebulizer and tube at a safe place where there is the least possibility of reaching dust.
  • Keep the parts of your nebulizer sterilized every week. Follow the steps that we have mentioned in the upper paragraphs. It will provide you with the most effective treatment.
  • If you own some pets or small children in your house, make sure you are not leaving your nebulizer unchecked. Always keep it in a safe place—especially the smaller parts like the T shape connector and mouthpiece.
  • Don’t ever keep your compressor near some liquid. A liquid in your nebulizer’s compressor will ruin it.
  • Don’t forget to turn off the main switch of your nebulizer when not using it.
  • Thoroughly dry the parts after washing and sterilizing the parts before storing.
  • It is recommended to store all the parts in an airtight bag to keep your device safe from external germs.
  • If you are using your nebulizer for more than one person, then never use the same mouthpiece and pipe for both of them. Keep separate parts to maintain hygiene. Plus, store those parts in individual storage bags after every single usage.

How to clean a nebulizer’s tubing?

Remove the mouthpiece or the attached mask from the pipe of your Nidexs nebulizer. Also, remove the medicine cup from the top. Make sure to keep them in a safer place. After this, place the tubing and these parts in a saline solution of distilled water and white vinegar.

Now you have to dry the parts thoroughly using an air dryer.

It would be best to change your tubing once a year to get accurate results and stay hygienic.

Troubleshooting nebulizer commonly occurring problems

No matter how reliable a product is, you may encounter some faults at any spot in life. And to keep yourself safer from those problems, make sure to maintain your nebulizer and keep the parts clean. Follow all of the instructions that are told by the manufacturer; it will let your nebulizer to work accurately for a more extended period. But still, some of the common problems are being noticed with the nebulizers. Here we have mentioned some of them along with their solutions.

Loss of power

This issue will encounter you if you have a nebulizer with batteries. The battery may be alkaline or lithium. If you ever experience that your nebulizer stopped working, this may be due to your batteries’ discharging. Make sure to check the power of the batteries. If you have a rechargeable battery installed, recharge it, and if not, go for a new one.


If you feel any clogging or difficulty getting the air, you should check your mesh cap properly. If you come across some unit’s clogging is getting stopped by something, remove it. If there is clogging, clean your mesh precisely by following the methods we have told in our guide.

Nebulizer slowing down with time.

Suppose you are experiencing that nebulizer is slowing down with time and is not working as much accurate as before. The nebulizer is not producing fine mist; then, you should change the parts like the filter and other disposable parts. To keep your nebulizer working, make sure to change the pieces after every six months.

Moreover, if your nebulizer stops working suddenly, then you should go to the customer care center and contact the manufacturer as soon as possible.

Nebulizer warranties depending on different brands

Whenever you get a nebulizer or nebulizer accessories, make sure you are getting the one with a good warranty and proper customer care services. Contracts come in many variants and are dependent on different brand manufacturers. So here we have mentioned some important points which you need to follow when buying a nebulizer.

Coverage time

Make sure the product has a more extended warranty starting from the date of purchase.

Compressor coverage

Go for the nebulizer companies which are having a must warranty for the compressor. If you ever notice any problems with your nebulizer, go straight to contact the manufacturer to provide you with assistance.

What may be the reason behind the mutant fogger of a nebulizer?

If you notice that your nebulizer’s parts are not working correctly or the fogger is not working accurately here, we have mentioned some tips to help you out.

  1. Unplug your t-shaped connector from the pipe and clean it thoroughly then reconnect it. It may be due to no proper maintenance.
  2. Go for the changing of the filter if you notice some blockage in the filter of your nebulizer.
  3. If your compressor is working fine, then the issue maybe with the tube of your nebulizer. Change the pipe tube with a new one.
  4. Check thoroughly to look for any holes in the tube.
  5. Go for the checking of the nebulizer cup. Clean it by putting it into a saline solution for some time.
  6. If your nebulizer set is pretty old, then try to replace it with a new one. It will increase the compressor’s accuracy and provide you with accurate results.


For every single product or machinery that has been manufactured to date, cleanliness is the main thing that you need to keep as a top priority. If you stick to the proper and regular cleaning routine, you will never face any issue with your devices. The same is the case with a nebulizer.

If you stick to your nebulizer’s cleaning methods, you will stay healthy and safe from infections, and you will never have to encounter any issue with the compressor of your nebulizer. We hope that we remained successful in helping you to get a proper working nebulizer.

Keep cleanliness as your top priority, and stay safe and healthy.



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