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Nebulizer for pets


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Cats, Dogs, and other house pets are susceptible to catching cold and other lungs disease as they stay in an open environment and have frequent exposure to cold. But giving them proper medication is quite a mess because they are unable to take up a medication manually. What’s the catch?  Forgiving them proper treatment and clearing their air passageways, nebulization is the go-to treatment.

However, it is necessary to know every rule and regulation for using a nebulizer for pets to give them proper treatment. And also, getting a proper and easy-to-use nebulizer is necessary, which you can get in Nidexs range of pet nebulizers. All of the nebulizers are present in a median price range and are enriched with ease providing features.

But wait, it is not enough to only get a proper and well-defined nebulizer, and you are all done. You also need to have proper knowledge about nebulizer parts and all the facts about their usage. Here we came up with all of the frequently occurring issues and questions in people’s minds. Let’s get started and have a look at what we have got for you. After reading this article, your problems will go away in click-on files.

Why is pet nebulization treatment so expensive?

The nebulizers that we come to see at a veterinarian’s office usually cost more than 75 to 150 $, which is quite a hefty amount compared to the standard compressor nebulizer. One of the reasons behind the expensive pet nebulization is the price of the equipment. Other than this controlling an animal is far more difficult than a human. A pet will demand full attention and time.

Also, the antibiotics used to treat pets are quite expensive than the normal ones. So, while keeping these points and the price of medications in mind, pet nebulization is charged highly when you take your pet to a vet. If you are interested in getting a portable nebulizer, you’re your pet at home; you will obviously have to invest a thick amount of money. Even after getting one for yourself, you still have to go to your vet to get the specific medication every time.

What is pet nebulization treatment?

A nebulizer is a machine or device that is purposefully used to convert liquid medicine into a mist so that it can be inhaled and can work on the intranasal pathways and lungs. Nebulization is used for making your obstructed pathways clear, especially for the animals who don’t have the sense to breathe in through an inhaler. The nebulizer will itself push the medicated mist into the nose and esophagus of your affected pet.

Many medications like antibiotics and other medicines are mixed with distilled water to put in the nebulizer. It will be useful in a variety of diseases related to breathing mechanisms and internasal pathways.

Why do pets need nebulization treatment?

As we are well familiar with the fact that dogs and cats do not have the proper senses to inhale some medicine properly; also, they cannot tell about their discomfort. So, pet animals like cats and dogs that get some lung disease like pneumonia, asthma, or severe cough can get a great benefit from nebulization.

A nebulizer for animal usage is designed not to demand the subject to take deep breaths to get the medicine inhaled; instead, it will force the pressurized mist into the nasal cavity of your pet. So, nebulization is the most effective treatment for animals as they cannot use an inhaler or take some oral medication. Only aerosol mist is the way of treating an animal pet suffering from cold or other respiratory disorders.

Benefits of pet nebulization treatment?

Nebulizers are especially and purposefully engineered for patients who are having some issue with inhalers, are allergic to medications, or cannot take medicine manually.

Water and medication are mixed to put in the nebulizer to be converted into aerosol mist and appropriately inhaled. This mist is of great importance for those who are having respiratory disorders or also for COPD patients. And if we come towards the infants and pets, nebulization is of prime importance for both of them. It isn’t easy to provide them some medication. So, nebulization is the preferred method.

A proper dosage of the medicine will make your pet perfectly fine if used in a perfectly sequenced manner. If you are maintaining your nebulizer’s cleanliness, it will remain with you for a more extended period.

Other than this, if your dog or cat has blocked lungs, your vet may also go for vaporized nebulization, which is also highly effective in getting straightforward airways.

How do I effectively administer a pet nebulizer treatment?

Getting a proper nebulizer is not the only step to treat your pet at home. You will have to follow all of the essential steps for operating a nebulizer and getting accurate results.  Here we have mentioned some steps which are of prime importance.

  • Plug your nebulizer in a proper working socket.
  • Take clean tubing and fit its ends into the compressor and cup.
  • Make sure that you are using sufficient dosage for your pet as told by the vet.
  • Switch on the compressor button.
  • Hold the cup straight in front of your pet’s nose or face. You will get perfection by doing constant practice.
  • If your pet is running away, you can put some dog food or cat food in the mask to lick it for distraction and getting the procedure done.
  • Take notice of whether medication is going upward or not.
  • After every single usage, make sure to sterile and wash every single part of your nebulizer to keep your pet safe from any infections.

Precautions for dog nebulization treatment?

Prevention is better than cure; it is the most common idiom we come to see. While keeping this in notice, we will keep an eagle eye on every aspect related to your pet’s nebulization.  Every medicine is not suitable for your dogs, so make sure you have consulted a vet before nebulization.

Ensure that your dog is comfortable with the mask; there is no obstruction or discomfort related to the mask.

You have to keep a check on the medicine cup, whether the medicine is going up or not and inhaled by your animal or not.

Keep your equipment clean and well-maintained. Ensure that you are cleaning your nebulizer’s parts with Luke warm water and a mixture of water and vinegar.

Precautions for cat nebulization treatment?

If your cat is experiencing some obstruction in the lungs or having some respiratory disorder, you should take it to a vet. Depending upon your cat’s condition, the doctor will recommend one type of treatment rather than steam nebulization or mist nebulization.

You will have to use the proper amount of medicine and make sure that it is making your cat better.

Clean the equipment regularly and ensure that your cat is becoming well eventually; if not, recommend the doctor.

The cost of pets use a nebulizer?

The cost of nebulizers for pets is maybe a little bit higher than the normal ones. The cost ranges from almost $50 to $100.If you are looking for a particular model that may cost you even more.

Advantages of Nidexs nebulizer for pet nebulization treatment?

If we get a good quality nebulizer to give our pet treatment at home, getting the best quality nebulizer is the prime step. And for this, checking upon the outstanding quality of nebulizers provided by Nidexs is the perfect option we have got. Following unique features, you will come to see these nebulizers.

Self-cleaning Mode

In advanced Nidexs nebulizers, you can get your nebulizer clean and germ-free in just a minute. You only have to fill your nebulizer with vinegar and water solution and press the auto-clean button, and you are all done.

Waterless detection

If the liquid or water in the water tank runs out, the atomizer will automatically stop working and shut down.

Quiet operation

One of the most noticeable features in Nidexs nebulizers is that they will provide you with noise-less operation, and this feature will be sufficient for your pets as the noise may scare your pet while nebulizing.

Portable travel size

If you are always on the move, then nidexs has done a great favor for you by providing an outstanding and portable series of pets nebulizers.


Dogs and cats are most susceptible to catching a cold and cough regularly; if not treated on time, this may be fatal for them. Also, treating them with some oral medication or with inhalers is a problematic option. So in our view, the most accurate option is to go for proper nebulization treatment. But make sure that you are following all of the safety precautions and keep your nebulizer’s parts clean and well-maintained.

Plus, if you are looking for some good quality nebulizers for your pets, you can have a look at the excellent range of Nidexs nebulizers.


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