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Three Common Nebulizers


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Breathing problem is one of the severe conditions that require instant treatment to open the respiratory tract of a patient. A nebulizer is essential medical equipment that gets used to relieve breathing problems in the crucial scenario. It enters medication into the respiratory system by converting it into the mist. There are several nebulizers available in the market to choose from according to the conditions. When a patient is gasping for air, then this is the instant treatment a patient asks for. We have come up with complete guidance about the Nidexs nebulizer to help you in providing a better understanding.

Three Common Nebulizers

There are three different types of nebulizers available in the market. These types include Ultrasonic nebulizers, Compression nebulizers, and Micromesh nebulizers.

Ultrasonic Nebulizers

It’s an electronic device that works with a vibrator to create high-frequency. This high frequency converts the liquid into the mist for instant treatment. These are considered as the modern nebulizers that can deliver the drug directly into the respiratory system in the form of small particles. They create aerosol and don’t require any type of gas flow. When it comes to the ultrasonic nebulizer, they are silent and comfortable for the patient who is going through a difficult situation. There are no disturbing vibrations to make a person annoy and fearful. Ultrasonic nebulizers are used in professional organizations to provide quick treatment to a user.

Due to modern ultrasonic technology, the equipment is suitable for working in hospitals, clinics, and for the home. Some of the devices also have a built-in timer to never delay a treatment. It has all the accessories a patient requires to start treatment right away and, it gives precise medication every time. Another reason why people don’t like to use nebulizers is the loss of medicine. The ultrasonic medication prevents loss and can be controlled easily by adjusting the nebulization rate and oxygen concentration. An ultrasonic nebulizer also helps a user in monitoring the temperature at a constant rate.

Compression Nebulizer

To treat asthma, another type of nebulizer that can be used is a compression nebulizer. It converts the liquid dose into a mist and treats the asthma patient as soon as possible. They can work in both electric and battery-run versions to provide ease and convenience to a user. Compression nebulizers are also available in portable sizes to carry anywhere, especially when traveling from one city to another. Some of them are available in large size to get connected to the electric point nearby. Compression nebulizers are easy to use and can be set up quickly in minutes.

Compression nebulizers are suitable when you want to create pressure of air to deliver medicine directly into the respiratory system. As soon as the patient inhales medicine, the condition gets improved, and the respiratory tract opens up. A compression nebulizer is usually a piston-type, and it converts liquid into the air pressure for instant inhalation. These nebulizers are suitable for home use and for patients who are going through mild breathing problems. It’s easy to set up, and there are no complications involve. You don’t have to ask for professional help to operate the medicine.

Micromesh Nebulizer

If you want to choose the revolutionary and newest range of nebulizers, then the Nidexs micro-mesh nebulizer is the right match for all your needs. This device has come up with a mesh cap to convert the medicine into particles for quick inhaling. The portability of the Nidexs micro-mesh nebulizer is up to the mark and quiet in operation. This is suitable for patients who are going through severe breathing conditions but afraid of medications and equipment. This type is also available in a portable form for instant treatment.

It’s suitable for healing several respiratory problems such as asthma and chronic bronchitis. It’s usually appropriate for kids who are afraid of large machines. The fine mist by this equipment enters into the system quickly to effectively treat the symptoms. The device has different modes of treatment to choose from, without leaving any side effects. According to the condition of a patient, any mode can be selected.  Micromesh nebulizer is scientifically proven equipment that can treat breathing problems effectively in no time without creating complications for the patient.

Working Principle

Nebulizer works on the simple principle of converting the liquid medicine into a mist. While going through the difficulty in breathing, the nebulizer connects to the tube and produce vapors in large quantity. The person who is providing treatment to a user must know to mix the medicine in equal portions. Due to improper mixing, a patient can experience bleeding from the nose and dizziness. If you are using a portable nebulizer, then it can run by batteries. The mechanism of functioning is still the same, and there is no hard and fast rule.

Nebulizers are effective compared to inhalers that produce less drug dose. They are not suitable for patients who are going through breathing issues. When a patient is gasping for air, a nebulizer turns the medicine into a vapor, and the drug penetrates the lungs to open the respiratory tract. The mist will come out in the form of droplets and aerosols, depends on the type of equipment you are using. This equipment uses a mixture of compressed air, oxygen, and liquid medication to cure the patient in crucial conditions. It has two options for inhaling the medicine; a mask or a mouthpiece. This equipment will provide quick relief to a person.

The Advantage For The Three Nebulizers

We are mentioning some of the massive advantages of the three nebulizers mentioned above.

Advantages of Ultrasonic Nebulizers

Ultrasonic nebulizers are economically perfect to use, and anyone who is going through breathing issues can afford them.

It provides quick relief to the person by converting medicine into the mist.

They are quiet and don’t make a person uncomfortable in the middle of a treatment.

Advantages of Compression Nebulizer

The compression nebulizer can deliver a large dose of medicine to a person to quickly cure the problem.

It’s easy to set up, and there is no need to ask for professional help while treating a patient.

The compression nebulizer is easy to handle, and it’s not hard to carry in different places.

Advantages of Mesh Nebulizer

Mesh nebulizer is a technology-efficient device that can produce quick doses.

It’s portable to fit in the pocket or the palm of a hand.

The best thing about mesh nebulizer is, it is efficient and quick in producing dose.

The Disadvantage For The Three Nebulizers

We have listed down the disadvantages of the three nebulizers.

Disadvantages of Ultrasonic Nebulizer

The residual volume of the ultrasonic nebulizer is massive and requires excessive cleaning.

If you are mixing viscous solution, then it can’t convert it into the mist. It can only deal with the watery drug that can easily convert into vapors.

Disadvantages of Compression Nebulizer

Compression nebulizers are hard to clean and need to be compressed constantly for a large dose to relieve the patient.

It requires gas and an additional tubing system to perform accurately. It takes a longer time to deliver the drug to the respiratory system and expensive as well.

Disadvantages of Mesh Nebulizer

Mesh nebulizers are expensive to afford, and cleaning is difficult. A user needs to do efforts to clean the filter and mask.

The mesh nebulizer is not compatible with the viscose liquid. It can work with watery medicine and crystallize form.

Applications of three nebulizers

Application of Ultrasonic Nebulizer

An ultrasonic nebulizer works by using a piezoelectric crystal, and it vibrates on a higher frequency to convert into vapors. This type has a mouthpiece and 2-masks for adults and pediatrics. By pouring medicine into the container, the equipment will start converting it into vapor for inhaling. While using ultrasonic, the patient will not get uncomfortable.

Application of Compression Nebulizer

The compression nebulizer is small in size and easy to move from one place to another. The intensity of the fumes can be adjusted through atomizing cup. This equipment converts liquid medicine into aerosol droplets to relieve the condition. By putting on a face mask or a mouthpiece, a patient will be able to inhale the drug quickly. It will treat the closure of the respiratory tract. By pressing an air compressor, it will start working instantly.

Application of Mesh Nebulizer

Mesh nebulizer is modern equipment in the market that is compact and has a low-noise motor. By adding medicine into the container, the mesh nebulizer will start working smoothly. It’s portable to fit in the hands, and by fixing the mask on the face, the patient will inhale medicine right away.

Final Thoughts

Typically, people use inhalers to treat the breathing conditions, but when the patient is gasping for air, then a nebulizer is life-saving equipment. We have listed three different types of Nidexs nebulizers to provide a clear picture to the user. It depends on the patient, what they want to choose, and which type is necessary to eliminate the problem in a respiratory tract.

Before buying any nebulizer machines from the market, ensure that it has all the features you were searching for in the device. A patient must be comfortable with the nebulizer to treat the condition effectively without making it complicated.


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